Is My Water Safe to Drink?


Minnesota Department of Health recommends testing well water for coliform bacteria and nitrates yearly.

Our Basic Kit includes everything you need to test annually.*The DOH recommends testing for arsenic at least once.


Basic Kit



In addition to the annually recommended Basic Kit, the DOH recommends testing for Arsenic at least once.




If your house was constructed before 1985, it may have lead in the pipes. Possible effects of lead poisoning include: delayed mental development, memory and concentration problems, shortened attention span, aggressive behavior, high blood pressure, kidney damage, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, fertility problems, and harm to developing fetus.




Water softeners are designed to decrease levels of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, sodium, and sulfate. They also optimize pH, hardness, and conductivity levels. We recommend our Water Softener Performance test to check your levels.

Water Softener Performance Kit




Our best value test includes all of the tests listed above AND ALSO arsenic, total dissolved solids, chloride, nitrite and fluoride. Enjoy major savings and piece of mind when you order this test.

Water Quality Test




We recommend testing for Iron-related bacteria and testing for Sulfate-reducing bacteria in order to pin down the cause of the smell.

Water Odor Kit