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"..dependable and friendly..."

"We have used Water Laboratories for years because they have been dependable and friendly folks to work with"

-Marianne Freeman, Freeman Well Drilling

"..competent lab, helps me sleep at night"

I've worked with Water Labs since 1990. Pre-grout sample testing for new well construction became difficult as travel to a lab for testing (our territory is 100 mi radius) and my interest was to test nitrate myself.  I drove up to water labs, got lesson from Kevin and have been testing our pre-grouts ever since.  He has been just a great mentor in providing valuable information on technique and explanation of water result. Because of Kevin and the staff that has worked at water labs through the years, I really don't have to ask many questions anymore. One of his lab techs is probably working within the FBI crime lab as we speak. I am able to share the information learned, especially coliform bacteria, with my customers. Coliform Bacteria is complex. If a well had tested positive a second time, Ramona and I would chat about procedure in disinfection. I owe a great deal of my experience in well disinfection to her. Together, we would "fight" bacteria. The service has always been prompt and they will always provide any individual attention if you need it.

I consider the staff at Water Labs, colleagues provides a service that we need to complete requirement of the well industry. I trust their work. I consider water our most precious natural resource and am proud I'm involved in assisting providing water. Knowing the test result of the water comes from a competent lab, helps me sleep at night.

Debbie Carlson

Carlson Well Drilling


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